Whiskey Cocktail

CG Weekly 04

Completed: April 2019​

Modeled, Animated, Rendered, and Composited by Michael Cafarelli

Created with:

After the first three scenes featuring simple shapes, I wanted to work on my modelling a bit, so I decided to take a rocks glass I have in my cabinet, and make it in C4D.

Most of the modelling was quite easy, but the bottom of the glass has these rounds bumps that lifts it up. I didn't want to just do it as a Boolean, because I wanted to practice proper topology, so I ended up deleting the bottom faces of the glass and remaking it by hand to create a proper topology when subdivided. It took a bit longer, but came out much nicer, especially with the glass material reflecting and refracting.

For the animation, I originally wanted to have the whiskey pour into the glass, but decided that would take too long to get right for this weekly challenge, so I may do that for another week. Instead I decided to just animate the whiskey and ice moving around, as if reacting to a moving table or tray, which I think came out OK. It's not the most dynamic animation, but it does have a bit of life.

I think the bit I like the most, is the whiskey kind of angling in the direction of the movement, mimicking the way a liquid would move around in a glass. It's just a few simple taper deformers, but it was effective.

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